Lift ’em, twist ’em, load ’em

We’ve been lifting, twisting and loading since November (with the odd day off for good behaviour).  All the trees that have been lifted from our nursery are now taking pride of place in someone’s landscape, garden, park or public open spaces.  And you know what the weather’s been like this season: peculiarly warm start but otherwise wet, windy and wearisome.  That leaves us with wet, heavy soil which makes for extra fun when lifting.

In amongst the wet and the wind, we’ve kept tabs on our total lift and it’s well over 7,000 trees.  That’s an average of 80 a day but some days we’ve reached as many as 150. Phew.

The 8-strong production team help lift, twist and load the trees, some over 5 metres in height, using specialist rootball and bare root tree lifting equipment.  Here they are in action – imagine this 150 times per day?!

With around 6-8 weeks left of lifting, will your trees be on our lifting list this season?

February 2016

An up-lifting experience: Tree lifting at Green Mile Trees

Is it that time already? Yes, we have lift-off!  The tree lifting season is here.   And that means that the weather has allowed us to start lifting our trees out of the ground and to get them prepped and dispatched for pastures (and gardens…and parks…and estates…and landscapes) new.

Traditionally from around the start of November, when temperatures have dropped and the first inkling of frost has taken hold, trees can be lifted as they’re no longer “growing”.  Don’t worry, they’re still alive – but dormant, just like a hibernating creature.  And that means ALL SYSTEMS GO on the nursery here at Green Mile because you want your big trees right now, right?

tree lifting

We’ve been known to lift in the region of 150 trees from the ground on a busy day – and that’s no mean feat when you’re a team of 8 people and some of your trees are over 5 metres tall!  Luckily we’ve some pretty sturdy machinery on hand to assist (and some pretty sturdy members of the Production team, too!) with a Holmac used for lifting rootballed trees and a Damcon Sidelifter for bare-rooted varieties.

So, when you drop your order to us by email or phone – what happens next?

  • Your order is confirmed and created in the office.
  • These are then collated and given to the Nursery Production team who plan and schedule their day’s lifting programme and lift the trees.
  • The lifting baton is then passed to the Nursery Despatch team to organise into orders and prepare for deliveries or customers who are collecting from site.
  • And that’s repeated 6 days a week, every week (give or take a little Christmas break) until the lifting season finishes towards the end of March – whatever the weather conditions!

November 2015

Technical and practical tree care skills in the Green Mile team

Simon HallOur team may be small but their knowledge, skills and horticultural experience is vast.  Simon Hall is a superb example of this.  Simon joined our production team straight from school 26 years ago.  With hands-on technical and practical training from our Managing Director, Christopher Scott, Simon was primed with all the nursery production skills necessary for producing and maintaining the highest quality tree stock.


Honing and developing these skills for Green Mile over a quarter of a century, Simon is now responsible for all of the pruning and shaping of our mature trees and is an absolutely vital part of what we do here at Green Mile Trees.

September 2015


Ploughing on with our Show Schedule | Southwell Ploughing Match and Show

15214758698_fe04fe0619_zSouthwell Ploughing MatchA highlight of the East Midlands farming calendar, the Southwell Ploughing Match and Show 2015 takes place once again on Saturday 26 September 2015 at Oxton Estate, Nottinghamshire.

The Show boasts a bursting timeline featuring the renowned ploughing match, farmers market, craft fairs and livestock.

There is also a well-attended trade fair for those sourcing rural, farming and countryside products and services – and that’s where you’ll find us!  Green Mile Trees will be exhibiting at the Show for those planning their tree, shrub and hedge planting for the forthcoming season.

Book online now – ready, steady….PLOUGH!

September 2015

Four Oaks | Green Mile Trees on Show


Thanks to all who visited our display at Four Oaks Trade Show last week (September 2015).  It was a great opportunity to meet many of our existing customers and allowed us to gain some good exposure to new and potential buyers of mature trees, specimen shrubs and the more specialist topiary and hedging.

If you missed us at Four Oaks, you can catch up with us at our next event – Landscape Live – on October 6th at Yorkshire County Cricket Ground in Headingley, Leeds.Landscape Live 2015

September 2015


It’s….showtime! We’re at Four Oaks Trade Show 2015

We’re at Four Oaks Trade Show 2015 this year, with an outside pitch on Stand OP26 so that we can display our selection of large trees in their full majesty.  Chris Scott and the team will be on hand to discuss your forthcoming planting and purchasing requirements, too.  We’ll also have an array of shrubs, hedging, conifers and topiary for you to view.

With the fantastic support of the rest of the Green Mile Trees team, it’s bound to be a success – and we’d love to share it with you!

You can pre-register to save you any hassle on the gate and, after you covered the 17,000 square metres of exhibition space, there’s plenty of refreshments on site, too.
Look out for us on Stand OP26 (outside – remember, some of our trees are BIG!)  In fact, preparations are already well underway, selecting trees and keeping stock in fine fettle over the summer weeks…

Selecting trees for Four Oaks Trade Show 2015

August 2015

Chelsea winners!

inspired gardens logoWe wwalkers nurseries logoould like to congratulate 2 Chelsea Gold Medal winners – garden designers, Graham Bodle of Walkers Nurseries & Lee Bestall of Inspired Gardens.  We are very glad to be one of your regular suppliers!

June 2015

Trimming topiary: Our trees in tip-top condition on the nursery

At this time of year, our nursery team are primed for tree care. Steven, one of the nursery production team here at Green Mile, is focussed on trimming topiary along the lines.

trimming topiary

Steven trimming topiary in the July sunshine

In your garden, topiary brings shape, form and structure throughout the year and is a good way of adding distinctive shapes and character.

On the nursery, we keep our topiary in shape at this time of year with a quick all-over snip.  It’s the perfect time from June – any earlier and you risk bruising the foliage. The leaves are now hard and leathery and if necessary, we might give them a second pass in the Summer.

With practice, pruning topiary is simple.  We use hand held shears for a clean finish and we aren’t too harsh in our trimming, allowing for growth and reshaping if necessary.  In your own garden and topiary endeavours, just remember to step back regularly to check for evenness and shape – one snip too many and there’s no turning back!

So, whether it’s shapes, spirals, boxes, balls, clouds you’re after – have a look through our topiary selection and contact us today.

July 2015

Going the extra mile – our new website

Green Mile Trees new websiteA new website?! Let’s take a look

Launched in June 2015, our brand new website is ready and waiting for you.  Bursting with all of the information you need to select your trees, shrubs and plants for the forthcoming season, the new site has a fresh look and slicker navigation.  With the new format, we can keep the site loaded with plant and company news so you’ll be back again and again.

Feedback is always welcome, so if you want to share a comment or two, hit the Contact Us page – it’d be great to hear from you.

May 2015

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