A new tractor makes everyone smile :-)

Everyone loves a new bit of kit, and we’re no different.

The Green Mile Production Crew have been enjoying the full benefits of their brand new Avant 420 Loader this lifting season.  For the techies amongst you, that means a lift capacity of 550 kg, a 20 hp diesel engine, a lift height of 2.8 metres and a maximum speed of 12 km per hour.  Phew.

You saw how we lift, twist and load – this tractor now brings some extra oomph for getting our trees out of the rows quickly, safely and efficiently.  The trees are put on to the trailer and taken to the yard.  There, they either loaded delivery or collected by a customer with their own vehicles.  Either way, a new toy <ahem> tractor, has made the team smile.

Working well and making the lifting of heavy trees a breeze, we bought this from Fentons of Bourne. Smiles all round.

March 2016