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About Green Mile Trees

Arriving at Green Mile Trees, you cannot miss our iconic beech hedge. More than 5 metres high and 4 metres deep, this is a fantastic example of what mature hedging can achieve.

Green Mile Trees was started in the early 1970s by Anthony Scott, Chris’s father, who also planted the two-mile long beech hedge nearly 50 years ago. In those days Green Mile Farm was a mixed farming enterprise, and so a tree nursery was even further diversification. The range of trees grown was quite limited by today’s standards, but has gradually increased to the comprehensive list we grow today.

We now have over 50,000 trees, conifers, instant hedging and topiary. We grow trees to a girth of 25 – 30cm (5 – 6 metres tall) and we grow trees in both the field and in containers.

Meet the team

Chris – M.D., Sales and Production

Paul – Nursery Manager, Sales and Production
Paul – Nursery Manager, Sales and Production

Fraser – Planting and Deliveries

Xanthe (+Ronnie) – Marketing & Operations