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To check availability, costs and sizes, please call 01777 702422 or email enquiries@greenmiletrees.co.uk

Green Mile Trees grow a wide range of shrubs & multi-stems, which are a very popular choice with landscape designers and discerning gardeners. Many multi-stemmed specimens we supply are between 2 – 4 meters tall, giving instant impact. These mature plants are available both container grown and field grown, the latter being root-balled.

Multi-stems are a particularly good choice for trees with attractive bark, and we have many superb specimens of birch, cherry, and snakebark maples, for example. It’s a great way of providing year round interest, instantly brightening up a winter garden, or making a stunning backdrop for other dramatic garden plants or features.

We also supply native or amenity plants as multi-stems. These are much sought after by gardeners and designers who want to create a natural effect. Walk through a native wood and you will see many trees of great character and charm, rather than symmetry and formality. We supply a wide range of trees ideal for creating just this effect. So for instance, to create a copse or glade from scratch a landscape designer might use a few-semi mature multi-stems, and a few smaller ones, and some sapling trees, in a range of species, giving an instant and naturalistic woodland.

To buy shrubs or multi-stems or to check availability and sizes, please call 01777 702422 or email the team at enquiries@greenmiletrees.co.uk