Green Mile Trees grow a wide range of multi-stems, which are a very popular choice with landscape designers and discerning gardeners. Many multi-stemmed specimens we supply are 4 meters tall, giving instant impact. These mature plants are available both container grown and field grown, the latter being root-balled by our expert nursery staff.

Multi-stems are a particularly good choice for trees with attractive bark, and we have many superb specimens of birch, cherry, and snakebark maples, for example. It’s a great way of providing year round interest, instantly brightening up a winter garden, or making a stunning backdrop for other dramatic garden plants or features.

We also supply native or amenity plants as multi-stems. These are much sought after by gardeners and designers who want to create a natural effect. Walk through a native wood and you will see many trees of great character and charm, rather than symmetry and formality. We supply a wide range of trees ideal for creating just this effect. So for instance, to create a copse or glade from scratch a landscape designer might use a few-semi mature multi-stems, and a few smaller ones, and some sapling trees, in a range of species, giving an instant and naturalistic woodland.

To buy shrubs or multi-stems or to check availability and sizes, please call 01777 702422 or email Chris and the team at

  • Acer davidii M/S

    Acer davidii: Small snake barked tree. Striking cream and green striations, with rich autumn colour and plentiful attractive fruits.

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  • acer griseum

    Acer griseum

    acer griseum

    Acer griseum: Paperbark maple. A small tree, easy to grow. The bark is a beautiful peeling cinnamon brown, very characteristic and attractive. The typical small maple leaves turn good autumn colours.

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  • Acer palm Osakazuki

    Acer palm Osakazuki: Sensational autumn colour. Attractive fine lush green maple leaves.

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  • Acer palmatum

    Acer palmatum: Japanese maple. A small tree or large dome-shaped shrub. Tolerates most fertile soils. The leaves are bold, lobed, very attractive, fresh bright green, with excellent autumn colours. Appreciates some protection from the coldest winds.

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  • Acer palmatum atropurpureum

    Acer palmatum Atropurpureum

    Acer palmatum atropurpureum

    Acer palmatum atropurpureum: Acer Palmatum Atro specimen A small tree or large shrub. The leaves are a wonderful deep red, turning brilliant scarlet in autumn.

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  • Acer palmatum Bloodgood

    Acer palmatum Bloodgood

    Acer palmatum Bloodgood

    Acer palmatum Bloodgood: A medium to large shrub. The leaves are dark red to purple, turning fiery red in autumn. Spectacular.

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  • Acer Tamukeyam

    Acer Tamukeyama

    Acer Tamukeyam

    Acer Tamukeyama: A small, slow-growing Japanese maple, with delicate, lacy, burgundy red foliage, small purple flowers and fantastic, deep red autumn colour.

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  • Agapanthus purple and white


    Agapanthus purple and white

    Agapanthus: Summer-flowering perennial plants, grown for their showy flowers, commonly in shades of blue and purple, but also white and pink.

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  • amelanchier

    Amelanchier lamarckii M/S


    Amelanchier lamarckii: Snowy mespilus. A fabulous small deciduous tree, surprisingly tough. The young leaves are copper red, then green and finally a rich orange in autumn. Masses of racemes of white flowers in spring, with black fruits later.

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  • Aucuba japonica

    Large tough evergreen leaves, with clear speckled variegation. Grows well in shade. A good plant for screening, it can reach 3 metres high.

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  • Betula fascination multi-stem

    Betula albosinensis Fascination multi-stem

    Betula fascination multi-stem

    Betula albosinensis Fascination multi-stem: A medium-sized tree of pyramidal habit with stiffly ascending branches and green leaves that turn yellow in autumn. Peeling, deep orange bark turns a pale pink-white and in spring, yellow-brown male catkins up to 10cm long also appear in spring

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  • Betula utilis jacquemontii multi-stem

    Betula utilis jacquemontii multi-stem

    Betula utilis jacquemontii multi-stem

    Betula utilis jacquemontii multi-stem: A vigorous deciduous tree to 18m tall, with brilliant white bark on the trunk and larger branches; ovate leaves turn yellow in autumn; yellow-brown male catkins to 12cm long open in early spring

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