Lift ’em, twist ’em, load ’em

We’ve been lifting, twisting and loading since November (with the odd day off for good behaviour).  All the trees that have been lifted from our nursery are now taking pride of place in someone’s landscape, garden, park or public open spaces.  And you know what the weather’s been like this season: peculiarly warm start but otherwise wet, windy and wearisome.  That leaves us with wet, heavy soil which makes for extra fun when lifting.

In amongst the wet and the wind, we’ve kept tabs on our total lift and it’s well over 7,000 trees.  That’s an average of 80 a day but some days we’ve reached as many as 150. Phew.

The 8-strong production team help lift, twist and load the trees, some over 5 metres in height, using specialist rootball and bare root tree lifting equipment.  Here they are in action – imagine this 150 times per day?!

With around 6-8 weeks left of lifting, will your trees be on our lifting list this season?

February 2016