Tree Planting | Eat. Sleep. Tree. Repeat


eatsleeptreerepeat1The toils of a tree grower are pretty much never-ending.  Like the proverbial Forth Bridge, we’re back on the tree planting trail again as we continue to lift and sell trees this season. Our production team are now at full pace, planting stocks of new trees in open-ground here in Nottinghamshire.

These newly-planted trees will be ready for sale in 2019, so that’s their care and maintenance committed to for the next 3 years, too.  So that’s 10,000 newly-planted trees, every inch of 6 acres of ground covered, sweat, tears (oh yes) and a broad mix of tree varieties, conifers, multi-stems and whips.  That will keep the Green Mile customers well-fuelled in trees for their future planting plans.

Eat. Sleep. Tree. Repeat.

April 2016