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A Tree Nursery | Lifting, pleaching, potting and planting

A Day in the Life of a Tree Nursery in February

What happens on a tree nursery in February?  Plenty.


Our lifting season has been a busy one, with countless birch, oaks and ornamental cherries making up the bulk of our daily lifting plans.

Lifting Green Mile Trees


A superb skill for our nursery to boast, and with the pick of the stock to choose from, we’ve also been prepping and taming our pleached trees into frames, ready to fulfil the continued demand we have been enjoying across all of our pleached varieties so far this season.

Pleaching Green Mile Trees


The new container unit is ready to take on its new tenants so we have been picking and potting and preparing the lines for the new tree stocks.

Potting Green Mile Trees


An endless cycle of pick, pot and plant, we have a new field to prepare.  Looks a lonely place right now but come the Spring, our newly planted stock will take pride of place.  Onwards and upwards!

Planting Green Mile Trees


February 2017