• Platanus hispanica

    Platanus hispanica: London Plane. A large impressive tree, with large bold leaves, similar to a maple. The bark of mature trees peels off in patches to reveal attractive grey and white beneath. Very tolerant of pollution in the air.

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  • Prunus Accolade

    Prunus Accolade

    Prunus Accolade

    Prunus Accolade: A marvellous flowering cherry. A small to medium tree, with a spreading habit. Not fussy as to soil type, it is a great choice for chalky sites. In spring the branches are festooned with clusters of semi-double vivid rose flowers.

    Available sizes 12-20cm girth.

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  • Prunus Amanogawa

    Prunus amanogawa

    Prunus Amanogawa

    Prunus amanogawa: A small, narrowly fastigiate deciduous tree with slightly fragrant, semi-double, pale pink flowers in late spring; in autumn, the leaves turn orange and red

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  • Prunus_subhirtella_Autumnalis

    Prunus autumnalis


    Prunus autumnalis: An elegant, small, spreading deciduous tree with ovate leaves turning yellow in autumn. Semi-double white flowers 1.5cm in width

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  • Prunus avium

    Prunus avium ‘Wildstar’

    Prunus avium

    Prunus avium ‘Wildstar’: A medium-sized deciduous tree with nodding clusters of pure white flowers 2.5cm wide in late spring, followed by small, shiny red-purple cherries; leaves turn orange and red in autumn

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  • Prunus avium plena

    Prunus avium Plena

    Prunus avium plena

    Prunus avium plena: Double Gean. Similar in looks to the ordinary Gean, but with a profusion of double white flowers, stunning in spring.

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  • Prunus cerasifera 'Nigra'

    Prunus cerasifera ‘Nigra’

    Prunus cerasifera 'Nigra'

    Prunus cerasifera ‘Nigra’: A medium-sized, round-headed deciduous tree with deep blackish-purple leaves and twigs. Single, pale pink flowers open from deep pink buds before the leaves

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  • Prunus Kanzan

    Prunus Kanzan: A vigorous medium sized tree, deservedly popular. The large double flowers open in mid spring, covering the tree in a mass of deep pink. Bronze young foliage follows, which later on takes on autumn tints in a good year.

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  • Prunus Kiku shidare zakura

    Prunus kiku shidare zakura: A small strongly weeping tree. Plentiful shell pink double flowers are carried in spring. Young leaves are bronze.

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  • Prunus laurocerasus

    Prunus laurocerasus: Common laurel, Cherry laurel. We have excellent laurels to make a high screen.


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  • prunus lusitanica

    Prunus lusitanica

    prunus lusitanica

    Prunus lusitanica: Portuguese laurel. One of the best hedging plants. We grow superb standard trees which will make one of the best high hedges.

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  • Prunus Padus

    Prunus padus

    Prunus Padus

    Prunus padus: Bird Cherry. A vigorous medium sized native tree, accommodating as to soil type. Abundant racemes of scented white flowers are carried in spring, followed by shiny black fruits. The leaves are mid-green.

    Available sizes 12-20cm girth.

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