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Any tree will help to screen an eyesore behind it, or give a bit of privacy. We offer a wide selection of Evergreen trees, usually with a stem of 1.8-2m. These can be used as a ‘high’ hedge or ‘hedge on stilts’ which is perfect if you want to screen above a fence or wall. Photinia red robin, Privet, Holly, Evergreen Oak and Laurel all make superb Evergreen screening trees.

A more formal alternative is Pleached trees. They take up little room, where space is at a premium and form a good barrier in summer and winter. The most popular pleached trees we offer are Hornbeam, Photinia, Cotoneaster and Laurel but the list is endless. We can also make any pleaches for you.

To buy trees, or check stock or sizes, please call 01777 702422 or email the team at enquiries@greenmiletrees.co.uk