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Welcome to 2020 – what will you plant this year?

There’s no time like the present – so let’s make 2020 a year full of planted landscapes – trees for screening, statement trees, hedging and topiary.  Whether in your own garden or estate or in a client’s commercial, private or public open space, we’d like to help make 2020 the Year of The Tree.

The Green Mile Trees team return to the nursery on Monday 6 January 2020, ready to lift, labour and landscape with trees grown right here in the heart of Nottinghamshire.

Get in touch with the team on 01777 702422 or email enquiries@greenmiletrees.co.uk – we’re ready to help you make trees the focal point of your landscapes in 2020. Oh, and from all of us here at Green Mile Trees:

Happy New Year from Green Mile Trees