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Why choose pleached trees for screening?

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What is a pleached tree?

A more formal method of managing a tree’s crown shape, “pleaching” or “plashing” is the skill of weaving individual stems to form an interwoven basket effect.  Supple young shoots are bent, teased and tied onto a bamboo framework on the nursery to maximise coverage and intertwining with established branches.

The finished pleached heads take up less space and form a dense, foliage-rich barrier throughout the seasons. They should be pruned and teased to maintain a strict shape.

Which trees are best for screening?

Our most popular pleached varieties are Hornbeam, Laurel, Lime, Cotoneaster and Photinia Red Robin but most evergreen varieties lend themselves to this method.   To help you choose, we’ve grouped these together in our Trees for Screening selection.

Pleached Hornbeam for screening

Pleached hornbeam in a formal setting

Pleached trees for screening and privacy

Adding a row of pleached trees to your garden or landscape gives an extra height element and a natural foliage screen above a fence or wall.  Pleached trees give a privacy barrier from overlooking buildings and can hide any unwanted views from beyond.  Grown in our Nottinghamshire tree nursery, our Green Mile Trees nursery team are specialists in the creation of pleached tree frames and we grow and supply evergreen varieties in pleached form for colour, foliage interest and density.

Latest Offer: Pleached Laurel

Fresh from the nursery fields here in North Nottinghamshire, we have stock of Pleached Laurels – perfect for an instant densely lush screen at height.  These have a clear stem of 150cm – slightly shorter than the 1.8m you would normally see on pleached varieties – for a tighter, lower option.   The frame size is 150cm x 150cm and is the ideal screening where space is at a premium but a dense screen is still desired.

Latest Offer: Pleached Cotoneaster Cornubia

Semi-evergreen with dark green leaves and a flourish of white flowers followed by red berries, our Cotoneaster Cornubia pleached trees are framed in 150cm x 150cm with clear stems of 1.8 metres.  A beautiful contrast of colour and foliage for screening throughout the seasons – with stock in numbers on the Green Mile Trees nursery now.

Buy pleached trees for screening

We regularly pleach Carpinus Betulus and Cotoneaster on site on request.  To discuss how pleached trees could be the best tree screening solution in your garden or landscape, email us or call on 01777 702422.

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