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Green Mile Trees as featured on ITV’s Love Your Garden Series 10

Lending a hand to Alan Titchmarsh

Filmed last year and airing on Tuesday 25 February 2020, series 10 of ITV’s Love Your Garden promises more beautiful gardens to give back to those most deserving of a relaxing and fulfilling outdoor space.  So when we were asked to provide a suitable tree as a centrepiece for Episode 1’s series 10 opener, we were more than happy to oblige.

A real fan of nature

Harri is just 15 and LOVES the outdoors – a real fan of nature.  Erica, his mum, his brother and pets live in Hull.  Harri was diagnosed with osteosarcoma last year and after losing his leg, getting the all-clear and then hearing that the cancer had returned, the family are trying to stay strong in the most horrendous of circumstances.  They really needed an outdoor space with mobility as a priority.  Top of his bucket list – a garden to sit and chill in with his family and friends and share their precious time together, and in it, a tree he plants himself.

Green Mile Trees tree on Love Your Garden
Alan Titchmarsh keeps a close eye on planting our Rhus typhina

Harri’s Garden, Hull

Harri’s garden was created by the Love Your Garden team and needed to feature lots of plants, a pond and a haven for wildlife.  At its centre is one of our Rhus typina “Dissecta” trees.  Selected for its shade, foliage and seasonal colour explosions – reds, greens, yellows and oranges – the tree is a focal point of the new garden makeover.  The garden features an outdoor cinema and chill-out area and at the heart of the garden, a calming seating area for Erica and Harri to sit and chat.

Harri plants his tree
Harri plants his tree

Some shots from the garden (Screenshot images credit ITV):

Paul and the Green Mile Trees were so pleased to contribute and we all love the end result.  For those who didn’t catch the beautiful garden created by the Love Your Garden ITV team in Hull for Harri, here’s the link to yesterday’s programme: ITV’s Love Your Garden Series 10, Episode 1 (Aired 25 February 2020, link valid for 5 months)