An up-lifting experience: Tree lifting at Green Mile Trees

Is it that time already? Yes, we have lift-off!  The tree lifting season is here.   And that means that the weather has allowed us to start lifting our trees out of the ground and to get them prepped and dispatched for pastures (and gardens…and parks…and estates…and landscapes) new.

Traditionally from around the start of November, when temperatures have dropped and the first inkling of frost has taken hold, trees can be lifted as they’re no longer “growing”.  Don’t worry, they’re still alive – but dormant, just like a hibernating creature.  And that means ALL SYSTEMS GO on the nursery here at Green Mile because you want your big trees right now, right?

tree lifting

We’ve been known to lift in the region of 150 trees from the ground on a busy day – and that’s no mean feat when you’re a team of 8 people and some of your trees are over 5 metres tall!  Luckily we’ve some pretty sturdy machinery on hand to assist (and some pretty sturdy members of the Production team, too!) with a Holmac used for lifting rootballed trees and a Damcon Sidelifter for bare-rooted varieties.

So, when you drop your order to us by email or phone – what happens next?

  • Your order is confirmed and created in the office.
  • These are then collated and given to the Nursery Production team who plan and schedule their day’s lifting programme and lift the trees.
  • The lifting baton is then passed to the Nursery Despatch team to organise into orders and prepare for deliveries or customers who are collecting from site.
  • And that’s repeated 6 days a week, every week (give or take a little Christmas break) until the lifting season finishes towards the end of March – whatever the weather conditions!

November 2015