• lex aquifolium Alaska

    Ilex Nellie Stevens

    lex aquifolium Alaska

    Ilex Nellie Stevens: A good even green holly with fewer spines than the type, this smaller female selection is quick to start bearing bright red berries

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  • Ligustrum ovalifolium - Green privet

    Ligustrum ovalifolium

    Ligustrum ovalifolium - Green privet

    Green privet Popular due to its tolerance of most soils and aspects. Evergreen except in the coldest sites. It makes a good fast growing hedge or screen.

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  • Ligustrum ovalifolium aureum - Golden Privet

    Ligustrum ovalifolium Aureum

    Ligustrum ovalifolium aureum - Golden Privet

    The striking golden leaves have a dab of green in the centre.

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  • Photinia Red Robin

    Photinia red robin

    Photinia Red Robin

    A popular and versatile plant, Photinia Red Robin can be used as a pleached tree, standard or half standard, mature shrub or hedging.

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  • Prunus laurocerasus

    Prunus laurocerasus: Common laurel, Cherry laurel. We have excellent laurels to make a high screen.


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  • prunus lusitanica

    Prunus lusitanica

    prunus lusitanica

    Prunus lusitanica: Portuguese laurel. One of the best hedging plants. We grow superb standard trees which will make one of the best high hedges.

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  • Pyracantha Hedging

    Pyracantha Hedging

    Pyracantha Hedging

    Pyracantha Hedging – A pretty shrub with attractive flowers and magnificent red, yellow or orange berries in autumn and winter

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  • Pyracantha in variety

    Pyracantha in variety: Firethorn. Tough thorny shrub, stands pruning, white flowers in early summer, bright berries later.

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  • taxus

    Taxus baccata


    Common yew, English yew. A medium-sized native tree, tolerant of any well drained soil, where it can live to great age. Dark green leaves, cinnamon bark, small bright red fruits. The tree also thrives when clipped, making a wonderful hedge.

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  • Thuja Plicata - Western red cedar

    Thuja plicata

    Thuja Plicata - Western red cedar

    Attractive rich green glossy foliage. This conifer makes a first rate hedging plant, with aromatic foliage. It grows well in shade and tolerates chalky soils. It is quite vigorous, and a favourite with connoisseurs.

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  • Viburnum tinus

    Viburnum tinus

    Viburnum tinus

    Viburnum tinus: A large, evergreen shrub to 3m with dark green, oval leaves. Clusters of small, creamy-white flowers, often pink-tinged in bud, are produced over a long period in late winter and spring, followed by blue-black berries

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