• Metasequioa glyptostroboides

    Metasequioa glyptostroboides: Dawn redwood. Once thought to be extinct, this vigorous tree has lately become popular. A deciduous conifer with attractive red-brown bark, it has fresh green foliage in summer, turning gold in autumn.

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  • Pinus nigra austriaca

    Pinus nigra Austriaca

    Pinus nigra austriaca

    Pinus nigra austriaca: Austrian pine. A large tree, with tough dark bark. It is tolerant of most sites and soils, being especially useful for coastal or bleak sites. The dense foliage consists of dark green, long needles.

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  • Pinus nigra maritima or laricio

    Pinus nigra Maritima/Laricio

    Pinus nigra maritima or laricio

    Pinus nigra maritima or laricio: Corsican pine. A large vigorous tree, tough and very tolerant. The long lax needles are grey-green.

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  • Pinus sylvestris

    Pinus sylvestris

    Pinus sylvestris

    Pinus sylvestris: Scot’s Pine Pinus Sylvestris Scots pine. Often grows to be a large tree. Our native British pine, providing the caber for Scottish tossers. The tough, rough bark is an attractive foxy brown. Carries the familiar cones through the winter.

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  • Pinus wallichiana

    Pinus wallichiana: Bhutan Pine. Long languid needles, weeping, on broad spreading branches.

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  • Sequoiadendron giganteum

    Sequoiadendron giganteum: Wellingtonia. The big tree. Some specimens have lived for 3000 years. Tolerant of most sites. The rough red bark is spongy. Attractive cones are set off by the descending branches of older specimens.

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  • Sequoiadendron giganteum Pendulum

    Sequoiadendron giganteum Pendulum: A tree of somewhat bizarre appearance, very strikingly weeping branches, often twisted, giving it a rather gothic appeal.

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  • taxus

    Taxus baccata


    Common yew, English yew. A medium-sized native tree, tolerant of any well drained soil, where it can live to great age. Dark green leaves, cinnamon bark, small bright red fruits. The tree also thrives when clipped, making a wonderful hedge.

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  • Taxus baccata Fastigiata Aurea

    Taxus baccata Fastigiata Aurea: Irish yew. A small to medium tree, with dense foliage and upright habit. Young leaves golden. Makes a splendid formal plant, especially good if clipped tidy.


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  • Thuja emeraude

    Thuja occidentalis Emeraude

    Thuja emeraude

    American arbor-vitae. A tough, small to medium-sized tree. Tough, tolerant of just about any well-drained soil. The close growing foliage is bright green, and has a sweet scent when crushed.

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  • Thuja Plicata - Western red cedar

    Thuja plicata

    Thuja Plicata - Western red cedar

    Attractive rich green glossy foliage. This conifer makes a first rate hedging plant, with aromatic foliage. It grows well in shade and tolerates chalky soils. It is quite vigorous, and a favourite with connoisseurs.

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