SorbusAriaMajesticaThis tree is a vigorous selection of the common whitebeam. It has large oval leaves, which are a glossy deep green above, and silvery white underneath. When ruffled by a breeze glimpses of the undersides are seen, giving a most attractive effect.

Sorbus Majestica makes a medium sized tree, with a tidy symmetrical head, quite compact. The leaves are tough and stay in good condition throughout the season. In late spring heads of white flowers are born in bunches. These give way to small green berries which fill out as the year goes on, turning deep red with the autumn. The leaves take on russet and yellow autumn tints. All this adds up to a really long season of interest.

This tree is not at all difficult to grow. It will tolerate a wide range of soils, from chalk to clay, provided there is reasonable drainage. Cold sites are not a problem. It will also stand light shade, and does not suffer in traffic pollution. With all these points in its favour it is no surprise that Sorbus Majestica is often used in planting schemes. It is particularly suitable for street planting, and for car parks and similar places.

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