betulaermannii-largeErman’s birch, a beautiful tree, with its striking and distinctive bark, is a fine addition to any garden.

The white stems and branches have a definite creamy pink cast to them; although this is not pronounced, it does give the trees a warmer feel than some of the austere white specimens of other varieties. Also, older layers or patches of bark may be a deeper brown colour. These layers of bark peel gradually and show the paler layers beneath. Trees have traditionally been grown as Standards, which is to say with a symmetrical head of branches at the top of a single straight stem.

The attractive bright green foliage casts welcome shade in the heat of summer, and complements the bark. In spring, golden catkins come out in profusion, adding welcome ornamental value.

Birches are not difficult trees to grow. They succeed in any reasonably fertile garden soil, provided it has some drainage. They will tolerate pretty much any aspect, given some sunshine. Establishment is normally straightforward, as long as specimens are staked and well watered following planting (see our items on planting and aftercare).

Including birches such as this in the garden will lift the feel of the garden year-round, even on dreary midwinter days. They also contrast well with darker stems and foliage.

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