Acer Plat Drumondii

A variegated selection of Norway Maple. In time this makes quite a large tree, 10 meters or more, with a rounded crown and vigorous ascending branches. The striking feature of the tree is the variegated foliage. The leaves are the typical maple leaf shape, having 3 bold lobes. The fresh green leaves have a distinct creamy margin, giving a very pleasing effect when viewed all together: this is one of the best variegated trees available for general planting.

Norway maples are hardy and easy to cultivate, being remarkably tolerant of a wide range of sites. They do require reasonable drainage to thrive, but given this they will do well, even on clay soils, and in partial shade. The tree also tolerates some pollution, and so is suitable for urban or roadside planting. No special pruning is required, but if any shoots grow without variegation, then cut them right out to prevent them becoming dominant. Also, the tree can be kept compact by hard pruning every year or two before growth starts in spring. This will generate vigorous shoots growing from a framework of shorter branches.

Wispy small red flowers are born in the spring, on more mature trees, which are followed by the familiar winged seeds typical of maples. In good years the leaves take on autumn colour later on in the season.

The symmetrical head of variegated foliage gives a good contrast to darker trees and plants in any medium sized garden, and so Acer Drummondii is often included in good garden designs.

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